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Currently, networking with security systems that allow compliance with current regulations is a fundamental part of the business environment, whether on a small or large scale.

Servicio Redes y sistemas por Janus Management
Installation and maintenance services of local networks and communications. 

For this we structure the servers and the different terminals of any type of networks and systems, in such a way that the geographical distance does not suppose any impediment to carry out the objectives.

Comprehensive solutions for your company.

We put at your disposal the best, dynamic, versatile and powerful hardware, which guarantees the correct operation of the software and makes the rest of the gear fit perfectly, without loss of weather.

When we talk about providing the best computer service, we must bear in mind that if a single part of the cycle is neglected, the others suffer, since they are all interrelated.

That is why we work with companies that can provide you with all the necessary services, because our objective is the excellence and success of your company. In this way we can take care of solving problems that appear at any point in the process and supply you with the tools and accessories you need.