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From JANUS MANAGEMENT , advisory services are provided in the economic-financial and strategic field in a broad sense to a selected portfolio of companies.

Other services provided are advice:

  1. On investment decision-making in plant and capital goods, debt restructuring and management of financial assets and liabilities. Advice on preparing business plans, as well as monitoring them.


  2. In situations of Organizational Change and in Strategic Designs for growth and expansion or reduction in size.


  3. On business mergers and acquisitions.


  4. On shareholder substitution processes.


  5. On the incorporation of financial partners to companies, including both venture capital funds, structured financing or any other form of financing.


  6. On business operations such as Strategic Alliances and formation of Joint-Ventures.


  7. To Boards of Directors and Senior Management on the identification and analysis of business risks and their management, and on strategy.


  8. Performing valuations of companies or branches of business.


  9. The audit of accounts, in all the dimension of this activity, including limited reviews and “due diligence”.


  10. The selection of Independent Directors, members of Senior Management and middle management personnel.


  11. Personalized advice, in executive settlement processes and in situations of professional refocusing of executives.


  12. Coaching services for entrepreneurs and managers.
Reuniones con clientes por Janus Management